Ibitu's name comes from the Tupi-Guarani word that means wind.

We are one of the largest energy generation and trading companies in Brazil with a 100% renewable portfolio. When it comes to energy, we are the solution our customers need.


We have 745 MW of installed power.

This is equivalent to the consumption of more than 3.7 million Brazilians, with the potential to go further with 1.2 GW of pipeline of projects under development.


Our assets are located in three states, with a lot of productive capacity.

We are in Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Piauí.


We are one of the largest wind power generators in the Free Market.

Our renewable portfolio helps to avoid the emission of approximately 1.14 million tons of CO2.


For us, Corporate Governance is one of the principles of the value generation model. Therefore, we are committed to the highest standards, ensuring: transparency, fairness, accountability, and corporate responsibility, which are aligned with our organizational strategy.
We have a structure formed by the Board of Directors, Executive Board, Advisory Board, and Committees that aim to guarantee the interests of shareholders and society as a whole. You can learn more about our Corporate Governance and its members by accessing the menu below.

  • Carlos Gros

  • Ricardo de Armas

  • Pedro Costa

  • Armando Henriques

  • Gustavo Ribeiro

  • Paulo Alexandre Coelho Abranches

  • Ricardo Santos

  • Ricardo Vicentini

    Director of Operations
  • Viviane Soares

    Director of Legal, Compliance, and Risk
  • Paulo Bobassaro

    Construction Director
  • Ethics Committee

  • Sustainability Committee

  • Technical Committee

  • Energy Trading Committee

  • People Committee

  • Audit and Risk Committee

Financial Information

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Our team of experts is ready to understand your challenges and offer the best solution for your business.

We operate from the first prospecting of potential land, development, to the sale of energy.


We are Ibitu, one of the largest companies in the generation and sale of 100% renewable energy, our name comes from the Tupi-Guarani and means wind and reflects all our Brazilianness.

We go beyond energy, we exist for and we are dedicated to building a more sustainable future, generating a positive impact on society, the environment, the communities where we operate and our customers.

But we don’t stop there: we transform careers, people, and stories.

It is our people who lead us in this evolution, we have a collaborative, plural, daring, and energetic team.

Here we are focused on results, we encourage the owner’s view, we are the protagonists of the solution, we value collaboration and extra dedication. It is the passion and pride that make us go beyond because we dream big.

Our growth is focused on development of renewable, wind, and solar energy projects, in line with the best environmental, social, and governance practices. In this way, we generate solutions for our customers’ challenges, regardless of size or segment, in a sustainable way. We are dedicated and working to, through technology and innovation, anticipate trends with digital products that make life easier for our customers.

We are aware that everything we do today transforms the future.

The Way of Being Ibitu

At Ibitu we understand that it is people who inspire us to go further, they are the ones who really make us great.

We are a collaborative, plural, daring, and energetic team.

Our daily quest is to go beyond, anticipating the needs of the future, we spare no effort to create opportunities in the present. We are protagonists in the evolution of the energy market.

We are guided by the values of safety, focus on results, dedication, and ownership, which underlie all our actions.

We grow consistently and sustainably, always guided by environmental, social. and governance issues.

We believe in the importance of renewable energy in building a better Brazil.


We are proud to be Be Ibitu.


Our commitment goes far beyond delivering energy to our customers. We bring them the value of a company that seeks to grow prosperously, and for that, it acts in accordance with the main sustainability guidelines, the ESG criteria – a set of environmental, social, and governance practices.

Sustainable Education Program

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Wildlife Monitoring

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Recovery and Monitoring of Degraded Areas

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Waste Management

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Here at Ibitu, we understand that innovation is the key to the future. We are already born with it in our DNA

Wind Forecast

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Asset Management

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Blockchains Stock Exchange

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REC’s blockchains

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