Environmental Report,
Social and Governance

The world and Brazil
The role of renewable energy.

The year 2021 was not only marked by the pandemic scenario that remained.
We saw major advances on the global agenda, where COP26 regulated the clauses of the Paris Agreement, which created the global carbon market. Although it still requires regulation, all signatory countries will be able to trade carbon credits, an important step towards making the transition to the low-carbon economy and containing global warming.

Desenho terra

In Brazil, advancing climate change and a drop in reservoir levels led us to the worst water crisis in the last 91 years. This reinforces the urgent need for transition to the low-carbon economy not only in Brazil but worldwide.
Still in Brazil, the Brazilian power industry is in deep transformation led by the advance of renewable sources and sustainability agendas of global companies. New technologies are being developed, new regulations are being written and implemented. It is imperative that the Brazilian electrical system evolves focused on the sustainability of the Brazilian electrical matrix.

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Decarbonization of the economy is a global priority. In the ESG tripod, the topics include GHG emissions, air quality, energy, water, sewage and waste management, as well as ecological impacts on the Environmental pillar.
Governance requires high leadership engagement in ethics, competitive behavior, legal, regulatory and risk management. Still in this pillar, there is a portion focused on innovation, which reflect from product design to business model, supply chain, efficiency and physical impacts of climate change.
Social is divided into Social Capital, with developments in human rights, community relations, data security, accessibility, quality, customer focus, and Human Capital dedicated to work practice, employee health and safety, engagement, diversity and inclusion.

We are Ibitu Energia, one of the largest wind energy generators in the Free Market and a major player in the country’s renewable energy market. We are present in 8 states, 7 of them with wind, hydraulic and solar generation assets, as well as administrative headquarters in São Paulo and Fortaleza, Ceará.
Our fundamental state of being Brazilian is the starting point of this journey. Our name means wind in Tupi-Guarani. Environment, Society and Governance are the pillars of our growth. We were born with the purpose of transforming people's lives, society or the environment. We act as multipliers of positive impact, guaranteeing a better future for the planet and people, through concrete actions to boost education and in the way we manage our company, with ethics and transparency.

Presidente Ibitu

With the development of new projects, we will double our power and, consequently, expand Brazil's renewable energy matrix and avoid the emission of 2.8 million tons of CO2 by 2026. From the Northeast to the South of Brazil, our team works to bring clean and sustainable energy to all and contribute to the social development of underprivileged regions of the country, far from large urban centers, which concentrate the highest incomes and investments.
In the regions where we operate, we observed communities becoming stronger in topographies characterized by the depression of the Paraguay River or integrating beautiful landscapes in the northeastern hinterlands and coastlines. We have a commitment and responsibility to tell these stories, impact the present, and build a legacy for the future of these people.
Sustainability has been at the top of Ibitu’s agenda since the beginning, and with a focus on innovation and a 100% renewable portfolio, it projected its growth in a strategy based on ESG principles. The effects are direct in the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with greater supply of renewable energy at competitive prices, job creation, and economic and social development. The future is today and the energy transition has never been more urgent!


invested in environmental and social actions in 2021


programs implemented in 2021


monitoring campaigns carried out in 2021


prepared and reported to environmental agencies in 2021 


for projects under development, implementation and operation in 2021


license constraints under monitoring and control in 2021


of CO2 emissions avoided during 2021


invested in environmental and social actions


people impacted




I-RECs sold

BRL 1.8 milion

donated to fight the pandemic


with the company's operations



877 MW

of installed capacity


remote monitoring daily

1,6 GW

of new renewable projects under development

100% renewable

energy generation

In partnership with Ideia Sustentável, one of the main consulting firms specialized in ESG and Corporate Sustainability, we developed Ibitu’s sustainability strategy. We observed the current national and international renewable energy scenario, trends for the sector, the main standards and initiatives such as the GRI, SASB and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as benchmarking with companies inside and outside Brazil. With this, our goal is to make Ibitu a reference on the subject and ensure that all renewable energy operations and projects follow the best environmental, social and governance practices.
Our strategy includes four guidelines that come together under the motto Energy that Transforms, by proposing to transform Nature into Innovation, Transparency into Action, People into Inspiration and Communities into Cooperation.

Mão segurando muda planta
Nature into Innovation:
  • Eco-efficiency and regeneration as guidelines for the management of natural resources and biodiversity
  • Sustainable innovation as a driver of positive impact and low carbon economy
  • Supply chain guided by sustainability principles
Transparency into Action:
  • Conscious corporate governance
  • Ethics and Compliance as a rule
People into Inspiration:
  • Plural and inclusive culture
  • Health and Safety as an asset
  • Comprehensive development
Communities into Cooperation:
  • Local development
  • Leverage of the HDI
  • Private Social Investment with a focus on education and volunteering

Our commitment goes far beyond energy generation, we bring companies the value of those who act in accordance with the main sustainability guidelines.
Our role is transformative, we practice sustainable actions to ensure the availability of natural resources for future generations.
As signatories to the Global Compact, we are engaged in the implementation of the 10 Universal Principles based on Human Rights, Fundamental Rights at Work, Environment and Development, and Against Corruption. We will contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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We also partnered with Instituto Acende in supporting the development of actions and projects to increase the degree of Transparency and Sustainability of the Brazilian power industry. 

Logo Acende

Our energy is certified

We achieved the important certification and registration with the Totum Institute to issue and sell I-RECs, with 200,000 I-RECs sold. I-RECs are securities that prove the traceability of renewable energy facilitating reliable carbon accounting for Scope 2 emissions, compliant with international standards.
I-REC allows companies to make a conscious, evidence-based choice for renewable energy, in any country in the world. With growth driven by renewable energy, the expansion of our renewable portfolio designed to operate with certification favors the entry of more RECs to companies, consequently in the transmission system, contributing to the overall decarbonization process.

logo I-Rec

Our energy transforms

Growth becomes development. Caldeirão Grande do Piauí, a municipality in the southwest of Piauí with just over 5,600 inhabitants, will contribute to making the state a major renewable energy player in the country with the Caldeirão Grande 2 Solar Complex, for which construction began in late 2021 and with full commercial operation in early 2023
With more than BRL 820 million in investments, we will create around 900 direct and indirect jobs, infrastructure, commerce and services, accompanied by an increase in tax collection and contributions to social projects in the community. In Serra da Batinga, 213 MW of clean energy will be generated, equivalent to the consumption of more than 280,000 Brazilian homes, avoiding annual emissions of approximately 300,000 tons of CO2.

campo aberto

June is the month for environmental awareness and Ibitu intensifies education actions for its internal and external public. We held our first lecture on the subject, starting a cycle throughout the year, addressing Climate Change from the perspective of the COP26 – United Nations Conference, with an expert in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management, with the aim of provoking a reflection on our role as citizens to be at the forefront of this change. To broaden the topic, we shared experiences in our social networks from our employees on small changes to change the world adopted in their homes on a daily basis.

Waste management

Wind power generation as a source of clean and renewable energy helps to reduce pollution caused by fossil fuels. Our employees are engaged, encouraged and trained for the selection and correct storage of the waste generated, considering the premise of non-generation, and, in case of generation, the proper storage and final disposal.



Wildlife is monitored to promote understanding about the impacts of the ventures on the environment. Forming a database on the presence and habits of species located in the region, supporting studies and analyses of the evolution of the environment.
Monitoring that encompasses the species of native flora of the regions where our enterprises are inserted is also carried out. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the state of the communities and carry out future actions to re-establish the balance of the surrounding environment.

Forest Restoration

The planting of native species contributes to the promotion of plant restoration, mitigating the impact of the implementation of the ventures.

Our people are catalysts for this journey into society's development. We increasingly advocate that change begins here, within the company, with our team. If it is the people who transform the world, we seek internal engagement, training and knowledge sharing, which can be applied and disseminated to external audiences.
We put into practice our values of Safety, Focus on Results, Dedication and Spirit of Ownership, precisely in the most challenging scenarios, showing our Ibitu Way of Being: we take care of our more than 175 employees, because we understand that it is the people who inspire us to go further and who make us truly great. All this to make us protagonists of the change we want to see in Brazil and in the world.
This journey is long, but we have already made progress! We won the Great Place To Work seal and joined the Citizen Company program. This brought us the recognition of being a great place to work and tools to promote the well-being of our team and gender equity with the expansion of leave for fathers and mothers. Training is offered to everyone, from technical and complex topics of energy operation and maintenance to the optimization of digital tools for remote work. In just over a year, it is possible to see Ibitu's commitment to people development, designing strategies for employees' careers, driven by the constant exchange between leadership and team, evaluation cycle, and development plan.
Diversity Chats? We have them! Conversation circles address different concepts of diversity, with basic lessons on privilege, racism, gender, equity, empowerment, literacy, among many others. In addition to theory, the events have an open microphone to share experiences, respecting each person's place to speak, generating empathy, inspiring, moving and bringing everyone closer to their stories, whether of black leaders or women in roles mostly performed by men. Thus, we transform our team and leadership into allies against unconscious biases and prepared to select, receive, and recognize diverse people. When people the freedom to be themselves, they are more productive, since they don’t have to expend energy trying to hide characteristics.

Practicing ESG

That's what we do! We bring together our employees to raise awareness and promote learning and the materialization of sustainable ideas and actions, through an exchange based on collective construction and enthusiasm for the cause. The project seeks to promote engagement in the company and in the lives of employees with examples of attitudes to preserve the environment, respect human rights and governance.

Safety is non-negotiable

Not just a value, safety is everyone’s goal at the company. It is from there that we operate and ensure the health and integrity of people and communities. We established protocols and monitoring of our employees to protect them from Covid-19 so that people remained healthy. For remote work, due to social distancing, Ibitu took the lead and innovatively invested in employees' ergonomics, through personalized professional assessment, provision of appropriate equipment and furniture, as defined by Regulatory Standard NR 17. In addition, we conducted tests on all visitors and partners who accessed our facilities, thus preserving our team.
Over the course of 2021, more than 3,400 hours were spent on occupational safety training for employees, reaching 52% participation of our staff. We dedicate ourselves to training and development with 69 topics in the Health and Safety Dialogues, meetings held weekly, with exchange of experiences on topics such as mental health, autism, cancer and other diseases, which, in addition to preventing, contribute to breaking taboos around issues still considered delicate. We invited 44 external guests and had an average participation rate of 65% of employees, even in the online format during the pandemic period.
Healthier performance depends on the physical and mental well-being of our employees. In a scenario in which people needed to be more attentive to emotional balance, given the feeling of fragility and anxiety caused by the pandemic, the topic was highlighted at Ibitu, and among the proposed initiatives we reached significant numbers with the Health Motivation Program, which promoted changes in life habits with the support of professionals.

53% employee adherence

61% decrease in sedentary behavior among participants

81% reduction in participants' anxiety levels

86% reduction in the group’s stress levels

100% satisfaction among participants

At the age of 35, employee Fred maintained an exercise routine until the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. But the Health Motivation program brought him discipline and regularity that he lacked to understand it is important to have goals and objectives so as not to waste energy, in addition to positive changes in his medical tests, such as cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
“Focusing on small goals is essential, there is no point in wanting to reach a quick and easy result because it cannot be sustained, so it is necessary to be aware, respect your limits, accept changes and achievements gradually. The Health Motivation consultancies were essential for us to avoid mistakes that we involuntarily make, in our diet, or in the diversification of our exercises, for example, making us leave our comfort zone and work on the results we expect. I improved my eating habits, which I now face more calmly. In addition, I got half of my wardrobe back,” Fred laughs.

Fred Leite, 35, Procurement
and Contracts Coordinator

With people, we go further!
Our work to improve people's lives is continuous. We continue to seek to increase diversity within the organization through the implementation of a solid Inclusion Diversity Policy and Volunteer Policy, looking to the future, developing our team with training and awareness so important to society and the environment. Thus, we develop aware professionals with skills of real value to the market and the future of the planet.

Environmental Education and Communication

Making the population aware of their relationship with the environment is part of sustainable education and contributes to the preservation of the ecosystem. Just as maintaining a relationship Channel through Programs such as Environmental Education and Social Communication to disseminate information and listen to the local population are fundamental to its relationship with the renewable energy generation activity. With the start of construction of new ventures, more residents will have access to this channel, which provides information and promotes development of communities surrounding the Ibitu projects.

Financial Education and Training

In the midst of the pandemic, we trained public school teachers in Caldeirão Grande do Piauí to adapt to the reality of social distancing. Through the “Education 4.0” project, we conducted a series of training with the objective of enhancing the use of online tools in a strategic way for elementary school teachers – regular or professional, maintaining the stimulation of learning. The technology allowed students to have access to education with remote classes, without compromising the use of the school curriculum.
Also in the region, the Financial Education Project provided educators with ideas on how to improve their understanding of the concepts of saving and investing, centered on the student's reality, stimulating financial reasoning and behavior. Topics such as environmental education, conscious consumption, healthy nutrition, citizenship, urban mobility, home economics, entrepreneurship and tax education were addressed through board games, provided by Ibitu in partnership with Instituto Brasil Solidário, making educators multipliers of this playful and interactive learning. We directly impacted around 900 people, including students and teachers across the entire public network.

Literary Cart

A traveling library circulates through the municipality of Ipuaçu, in Santa Catarina, with 500 books, including children’s literature, Brazilian literature, poetry, comics, indigenous and African literature, titles that address the topic of sustainability and contribute to teacher education. The Literary Cart provides students from public schools in the municipality with stimulation of imagination and creativity through reading. In the last year, approximately 685 students from Ipuaçu took advantage of the cart.

Conducting Laboratory

We support the Minas Gerais Philharmonic by enabling young conductors to interact with a professional orchestra. The Conducting Laboratory promoted rehearsals and technical classes given by the Orchestra's Artistic Director and Head Conductor, Fabio Mechetti, in addition to a free concert for the population of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte. More than 2,800 people attended the concert in person or on the YouTube channel.

Furniture donation

Educational institutions in the rural area of Ipuaçu, in Santa Catarina, received tables, cabinets, drawers and chairs donated by Ibitu. In all, more than 25 pieces of furniture were donated to five municipal schools in the rural area of the city.

In the pandemic we worked Saving Lives

In the fight against the coronavirus, in a joint effort with the BNDES through the Matchfunding Saving Lives program, we donated more than BRL 1.8 million, which was transformed into a total donation of BRL 3.6 million in PPE, hospital materials and supplies to various public hospitals located in the municipalities of Teresina, Picos, Caldeirão Grande do Piauí, Marcolândia and Simões in the state of Piauí, where we concentrate a large part of our work.

Corporate Governance is one of the principles of our value creation model. We are committed to the highest standards to ensure transparency, fairness, accountability and corporate responsibility, which are aligned with our organizational strategy and adhere to national and international legislation.

Ethics and Compliance

“We give it our all in the fight against corruption”

José Amaro, Maintenance Team, winner of our Operation Abaetê game, from the Compliance Cycle.

The culture of integrity is part of Ibitu. We believe that, in addition to encouraging our employees to comply with the laws, standards, and rules applicable to our operation, we encourage respect for Ibitu's internal policies and values.
At the heart of the Ethics and Integrity Management System is our Code of Ethics, which establishes the fundamental principles and values for the company, in addition to establishing the elementary guidelines for the Ibitu Compliance Program. All the other Compliance Policies are derived from the Code of Ethics. More information is available at www.ibituenergia.com/a-ibitu/#governanca.
To support the Corporate Governance structure, we have an Audit and Risk structure with an emphasis on preventive culture to strengthen the company. In 2021, we underwent a review process for the risk matrix that derived from risk mitigation actions and improvements in internal policies, processes and workflows. An important advance was the finalization of the digitalization process of the meeting form with public agents, ensuring total suitability of the process and compliance with our Anti-corruption Policy.
To guide the actions of the Ibitu Team, we have policies that should be adopted in all daily activities as references of conduct and good practices, with non-negotiable principles for our employees.
We used this risk mapping to produce the Crisis Management Manual, tracing the main initiatives to be taken at the time of an image crisis with the aim of preserving or even rescuing the organization's reputation with its stakeholders. And we created the Guide to Good Practices for Social Networks, with the purpose of guiding our employees in the digital universe in strengthening the reputation of our employer brand.
To strengthen the governance pillar, we implemented the Compliance Cycle with periodic content for the retraining of our team and awareness of the best practices adopted by Ibitu.
The development and realization of an online game to mark the celebration of the International Day of Combating Corruption tested the engagement and knowledge of the Team with questions about our Code of Ethics and Policies. We achieved a high rate of participation from the team and recognized, publicly and with awards, the highest scorers as Ethics Agents, voluntarily playing the role of guardians and disseminators of our governance.