ESG criteria is consolidated as a priority in companies

9 de July de 2021 ESG criteria is consolidated as a priority in companies

Good social, environmental, and corporate governance practices have been proven to generate business value and improve results for companies. The concept of the acronym ESG – Environmental, Social. and Governance – is a priority for Ibitu Energia, committed to the energy transition and transparency in the way it conducts its business, which presents the Environmental, Social, and Governance Balance. The initiative considers the results achieved by the company on these three fronts and its ambitions to be achieved.

Among the initiatives of the Environmental, Social, and Governance Balance, we highlight the launch of the Sustainable Education Program. Social and environmental projects will contribute to improving the quality of the teaching-learning process, professionalizing young people, and generating income. Ibitu believes that, by investing in education, it strengthens an important tool for enabling access to other citizenship rights. Actions will be implemented based on the pillars of teacher training, reading incentive, adapting educational spaces, basic health, environmental education, income generation, art, culture, and sports.

The first edition of the Environmental, Social, and Governance Balance brings consolidated data from environmental projects carried out in the municipalities where the Company operates, such as animal monitoring, area recovery, reforesting, and waste management. The social and governance fronts also have several successful initiatives. As important as the results achieved is the company’s vision for the future and the defined ambitions, which range from the expansion of existing projects to the implementation of new ones, such as employability, volunteering, diversity, and the search for seals and certifications.

“We seek growth in a prosperous way, and to make this possible, we have many ambitions that will drive us to be better every day. Our commitment to sustainability is primarily based on transparency and is reflected in the way we relate to all our stakeholders. This project is the result of the dedication of our entire team and of everything we believe in, we hope it sets an example in the energy sector”, comments Gustavo Ribeiro, president of Ibitu Energia.