The future is the free market, new acquisitions, and project feasibility

9 de July de 2021 The future is the free market, new acquisitions, and project feasibility

In an interview with Reuters Agency, Gustavo Ribeiro, President of Ibitu, told about the plans for possible acquisitions in the company’s wind and solar operations and about the advanced negotiations for the feasibility of new generation projects. The ventures must be made viable through the sale of future production in the free electricity market, where companies with large consumption, such as industries, directly negotiate contracts and prices with energy companies.

With regard to commercialization, Ibitu’s strategy involves the sale of the projects’ production through its own energy commercialization company, but the company has been betting on a different model from that adopted by many competitors, when seeking negotiations in shorter terms. The Company issued R$400 million in debentures, ensuring breath for new investments. Even so, there is room for other issues, when necessary, since the firm offer was in the order of R$1.5 billion.

Gustavo also spoke to Canal Energia about the first six months of Ibitu. In the chat, he highlighted as one of the company’s important achievements the improvement in the availability of generation assets, as a result of the Recovery Plan and engineering actions for the risk mapping and management and operation of the farms. The second largest player in the free energy market, the company continues to focus on the development of new projects aimed at the free energy market.


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