Renewable sources grow in the free energy market

9 de July de 2021 Renewable sources grow in the free energy market

There is a great perspective around the expansion of renewable sources in the free energy market. During the pandemic, which dominated the year 2020, traders and consumers matured a great deal. Companies are still seeking to reduce costs, which in the free market tend to be lower than that of the regulated market, and different ways to reduce the impact on the environment, even as this is a demand from consumers and investors.

Today, the free market accounts for 35% of the works in progress in the electricity sector. According to Abraceel, 39% of energy generation from renewable sources with incentives is aimed at serving the free energy market, growth of 14% in the last twelve months.

ESG factors – environmental, social, and governance criteria applied to investments – are also expected to influence the increased presence of renewable energy in the free market. This segment has been one of the most sought after for contributions, at the same time that large companies are being pressured by investors to reduce their carbon footprint. Companies have shown positive environmental balances for greenhouse gas emissions and this pressure has led to the purchase of energy from renewable sources.

“It is this market that we are focused on, as one of the largest companies in the generation and sale of renewable energy in Brazil and the second largest wind energy generator in the free market. We are present from the prospecting of new projects to the sale of energy and, alongside our client, we offer solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and we operate in the short and medium term market, long term PPAs and energy self-production”, says André Queen, Energy Sales Manager at Ibitu. Today, the portfolio comprises 832 MW distributed in six Brazilian states and an expansion capacity of 1.2 GW, through greenfield projects in wind, solar and hybrid development, in the states of Piauí and Paraíba.